Pakistan – The Programme for Reconstruction of the Earthquake-affected Facilities under Japan’s Non-Project Grant Aid 2005


Region: Asia - South Asia
Country: Pakistan
Location within Country: Batagram District, North-West Frontier Province
Client: Government of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan / Japan International Cooperation Systems (JICS)
Funding Source: Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA)
Date: April 2006 - August 2011
Category: Building and Housing
Service: Construction Supervision

Constructions Overview

Narrative Description of the Project:

The project involved the construction and rehabilitation of the following earthquake-affected rural facilities under three contract packages:

1. Contract Package 5: 1 civil hospital (95 m2); 6 basic health units (150 m2); 85 schools (100 m2); 2 bridges

2. Contract Package 6: 4 basic health units (150 m2); 35 schools (100 m2); 5 concrete bridges (60 m); and 3 suspension type bridges (100 m, 50 m, 25 m)

3. Contract Package 7: 1 boys degree college (2,500 m2) and 1 higher secondary school (1,300 m2)


Gallery 5
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Description of Actual Services Provided in the Assignment:

  1. Inspection and approval of shop drawings and samples submitted by the Contractors;
  2.  Interpretation of design drawings and specifications;
  3. Carrying out of factory inspections for plant, equipment and materials procured for the Project;
  4. Examination of materials, workmanship, and measures employed in the Project;
  5. Settlement of disputes or differences relating to the execution and progress of the construction work;
  6. Issuance of instructions where necessary to prevent delays in the construction works;
  7. Liaison with local authorities and organizations to minimize/avoid unnecessary delays or disputes;
  8. Preparation of technical reports;
  9. Issuance of necessary certificates for payments to the Contractors and other required certificates;
  10. Supervision of remedial work and issuance of certificates during the defects liability period.


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