Philippines – Technical Services for Constructing Infrastructure Works (Multi-purpose Hall and Evacuation Center) in Leyte


Categories: Buildings
Client: Philippine Red Cross
Date: September 2016 - November 2016
Country: Philippines
Location: Leyte
Region: Southeast Asia

Constructions Overview

Detailed Narrative Description of Project:

After the 2013 super typhoon Yolanda that claimed many lives and destroyed houses and other community facilities and infrastructures in many parts of Leyte, the Philippine Red Cross (PRC) and its partners has been working with affected families and communities in restoring and constructing houses and other community facilities.
As part of its infrastructure and community facilities project, the Philippine Red Cross in partnership with the American Red Cross (ARC), is planning to construct five (5) multipurpose halls/evacuation centers and rehabilitate one (1) covered court making it a possible evacuation center while maintaining its original outlook with minimal inclusions. The facilities will be constructed in four (4) municipalities: a) Tacloban – Brgy 37-A Palanog, b) Alang-Alang      – Brgy Aslum and Brgy Astorga, c) MacArthur   – Brgy Villa Imelda and Brgy San Antonio, d) Mayorga- Brgy Burgos and Brgy San Roque.

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Detailed Description of Actual Services Provided:

The Consultant’s scope of work includes:

Stage 1 – Engineering Investigation and Design
Survey Tasks – This task covers collection, evaluation and analysis of available information from LGUs and other government agencies. It also includes site inspections, structure measurements (as-built) and interviews and coordination with different stakeholders, including but not limited to local and national agencies and other organizations.
This task will include, among others, the following activities:

  1. Data collection (lot plans, construction drawings, as-built measurements, etc.);
  2. Soil tests such as Test pits to include the following laboratory tests (Natural Moisture Content, Atterberg Limits, Soil Classification, Specific Gravity, Particle Size Distribution by Sieving, Laboratory Compaction Test, Laboratory California Bering Ratio, Rebar Tensile Test and Dynamic Core Penetrometer Testing)
  3. Non-destructive tests [Rebound Hammer Test, Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity Testing, and Cover Meter (Photometer)]
  4. Review of building design standards

Architectural and Engineering Design – This task includes a) architectural design; b) structural analysis and design;  c) plumbing and sanitary design;  d) electrical design;  e) mechanical design;  f) design drawings;         g) technical specifications; h) quantity and cost estimates; i) construction schedule



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