Indonesia – Regional Design and Supervision Consultants (RDSCS-3) for Second Eastern Indonesia Region Transport Project (EIRTP-2)


Region: Asia - Southeast Asia
Country: Indonesia
Location within Country: Maluku, North Maluku, West Papua and Papua Provinces
Client: PKII was a sub-consultant of Nippon Koei Co., Ltd. for the Government of Indonesia (Ministry of Public Works, Directorate General of Highways, Directorate of Technical Affairs)
Date: November 2006 - December 2010
Category: Transportation
Service: Detailed Engineering Design, Construction Supervision

Constructions Overview

Narrative Description of Project:

The Eastern Indonesia Region (EIR) encompasses most of Indonesia except for the large islands of Sumatra and Java, and comprises some 160 Kabupaten (rural local governments, some very recently formed) and 26 Kota (municipalities) in 16 Provinces.  Much of the region’s population is poor and is provided with limited infrastructure, although some parts are richly endowed with natural resources and have high Gross Regional Domestic Products.

The Ongoing first Eastern Indonesia Region Transport project (EIRTP-1) is designed to help promote economic growth and reform and to support regional autonomy through improving access and reducing transport costs, and through strengthening the institutions responsible for transport asset management.  The major part of the loan is allocated for rehabilitation and betterment works on arterial and other strategic links in primary road networks that are the responsibility of central government. 

The Second Eastern Indonesia Region Transport project (EIRTP-2) is designed to support the same overall development objectives as its predecessor, but will finance primarily rehabilitation and betterment works on the lower level components of the primary road network that are the responsibility of regional governments (Provinces and Kabupaten).  The project will also provide for a number of major projects on National roads that were identified and prepared under EIRTP-1, as well as providing support the rehabilitation and betterment works on urban National roads in selected cities.

Description of Actual Services Provided in the Assignment:

The Regional Design and Supervision Consultants (RDSCs) will play a major role in supporting EIRTP-2 project management and implementation.  A significant focus of the project will be an increased emphasis on achieving acceptable standards of construction quality for all civil works and a strengthened stance against corruption. The RDCSs will be in the “front line” of the attack on these major problems, and will have increased authority and responsibility, commensurate with strengthened role.

Services of PKII include the following:

1.  Development of an overall quality assurance system and provide guidance and training for its application.

2. Preparation of guidelines for supervision and quality control procedures to be used by the Quality Engineers and Inspectors, including guidelines for material inspection, quality control tests and central and site laboratory operations.

3. Provision of guidance to the Pavement/Material Engineer and monitoring of quality control tests and review of test results to ensure that the materials used comply with the established standards, criteria, and technical specifications.

4. Review of the quality control data provided monthly submitted through the Provincial Teams and provision of guidance to the Pavement/Material Engineer to improve the quality.

5. Provision of verification of the validity of test results furnished by the Contractors and justification of the acceptability and adequacy of the work through the Pilot Testing procedures.

6. Assessment of the site selected for Pilot Testing, equipment to be used in the Central and Site Laboratories and technical specifications at the beginning of the project with the consent of the Provincial Administrative Unit under the respective Directorate of Highways or related agencies.

7. Preparation of the internal training program to build up the capacity of Regional Design and Supervision Consultant’s laboratory staff (Senior Lab. Technicians and Materials Technicians) in the beginning of the project and include the program in the Inception Report for review and approval of Directorate General of Highways.

8. Organization of the workshops at all level for Senior Laboratory Technicians and Laboratory Technicians along with the internal training programs.

9.   Monitoring of the capabilities of RDSC’s laboratory staff and provide appropriate guidance.



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