India – Project Management Consultancy (PMC) for Rengali Irrigation Project, Phase-II


Region: Asia - South Asia
Country: India
Area: Odisha
Client: Government of the Republic of India
Funding Source: Yen Loan
Date: September 2016 - March 2023
Category: Water Resources and Water Supply
Service: Construction Supervision
Brief Narrative Description of Project:

The construction of distribution system of Left Bank Canal of Rengali Irrigation Project from 71.313 km to 100.490 km and main canal from RD 100.49 km to 123.50 km along with distribution system is to be executed under JICA funding Phase-II. Once completed, it will provide irrigation to an additional 39,416 ha in Dhenkanal, Jajpur and Keonjhar districts. The overall project cost is INR 225,500 (JPY 42,805,000).

The project comprises of the following components:

1) Construction of Main Canal from RD. 100.490 km to RD. 123.500 km

2) Construction of Structures such as head regulators, cross regulators, escape and etc. along Main Canal RD. 71.313 km to RD. 123.500 km

3) Construction of Distribution System along Main Canal RD. 71.313 km to RD. 100.490 km

4) Construction of Bhuban Branch Canal with Distribution System

5) Construction of Sukinda Branch Canal with Distribution System

6) Construction of Korei Branch Canal with Distribution System

7) Construction of Barapada Branch Canal with Distribution System

8) Construction of national highway crossing and railway crossing

9) On-farm Development works in the command area of PK-A, B and C

10) Training of DoWR personnel, NGOs and Farmers including Self Help Group (SHG)

11) Introduction of WUA, Agricultural Development Program (ADP), Livelihood Support Program, and Farmers’ Organization and Turnover (FOT)


Description of Actual Services Provided in this Assignment:

– Overall Project Management (PMC)

– Planning and Design

– Pre-Construction and Procurement

– Construction Supervision

– Operation & Maintenance of Irrigation Facilities

– Participatory Irrigation Management

– Environmental and Social Consideration

– Guidance and Training

– Development of Management Information System/GIS

– Monitoring and Follow-up of Phase-I Project

– Safety Measures

– Assistance in Land Acquisition

– Financial Management




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