Laos – Northern Rural Infrastructure Development Sector Project


Region: Asia - Southeast Asia
Country: Laos
Location within Country: Four northern provinces of Bokeo, Luan Namthan, Oudomxay, and Phongsaly
Client: PKII was a sub-consultant of Nippon Koei for the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry
Funding Source: Asian Development Bank (ADB)
Date: June 2011 - July 2017
Category: Urban and Spatial Development
Service: Study

Constructions Overview

Narrative Description of Project:

The project is to be implemented in the four northern provinces of Bokeo, Luang, Namtha, Oudomxay, and Phongsaly aimed to enhance rural inhabitant’s access to and participation in the market economy to improve food security and livelihoods. It does so through investments in the following: (i) Rural infrastructure for irrigation and rural access roads; and (ii) Initiatives to achieve greater commercialization in agriculture by exploiting opportunities in Laos and neighboring countries.

The four main outputs are the following:

1. Productivity-enhancing rural infrastructure constructed and/or rehabilitated;

2. Productivity- and impact-enhancing initiatives adopted;

3. Capacity of national, provincial and district agencies strengthened to enable a sector development approach; and

4. The efficient and effective delivery of sub-projects and project management.


Description of Actual Services Provided in the Assignment:

  1. Review of the environmental recommendations of the PPTA Final Report and the formats for environmental examinations contained therein;
  2. Brief the participating PPCs, PPOs and participating district staff in participating provinces on environmental procedures and requirements for subproject preparation;
  3. Review on the initial environmental assessments including associated environmental management plan;
  4. Liaise with the safeguards officers in each PPO and make spot checks during implementation to ensure that environmental plans are being properly implemented;
  5. Assist in the preparation and implementation of training activities with regard to the environmental aspects of the proposed Project.


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