Vietnam – Construction and Investment of Sewerage and Drainage Components Under the Hai Phong City Environment Improvement Project


Region: Southeast Asia
Location: Hai Phong City
Country: Vietnam
Client: PKII was a sub-consultant of Nippon Koei for the Government of Socialist Republic of Vietnam; Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA)
Date: October 2011 - December 2019
Category: Sewerage
Service: Construction Supervision

Narrative Description of Project:

The Project aims to prevent flooding, improve water quality and increase appropriate solid waste treatment, by rehabilitating and developing the existing drainage system and sewerage system, thereby improving the urban environment in Hai Phong City. The project involves the following: (1) Construction supervision and equipment installation for drainage and sewerage components; (2) Study and proposal of long-term roadmap of wastewater tariff collection; (3) Design of organizational structure for operation and maintenance of wastewater treatment plant; and (4) Study and proposal of connection policy to sewerage and drainage system for the districts in Hai Phong City. Activities carried under the project include civil works, construction of pumping stations, installation of sewage pipes, drainage canals, etc. It will also analyze and select the optimum alignments for main trunk sewers and pumping stations in harmony with the socio-economic conditions and general plan of city.

Description of Actual Services Provided in the Assignment:

  1. Collection and review of existing statistic data/information of legal framework for wastewater tariff, existing tariff roadmap, financial status of Sewerage and Drainage Company (SADCO) and relevant agencies;
  2. Assistance in the Inventory Survey of sewerage facilities;
  3. Examination of wastewater tariff structure including polluter-pays principle;
  4. Preparatory work for socio-economic survey with local expert;
  5. Supervise socio-economic survey including training of surveyor and instructions to local experts;
  6. Identification of demand, examination and establishment of the sewer connection policy;
  7. Examination and formulation enhancement of wastewater management and sewer collection in Vinh Niem Sewage Treatment Plant; and
  8. Facilitation of meeting with Project Management Unit, SADCO and other relevant agencies.


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