Bohol Irrigation Project (Phase II)


Categories: Buildings
Client: National Irrigation Administration (NIA)
Date: APRIL 2001 - DECEMBER 2007
Country: Philippines
Location: Bohol
Region: Southeast Asia

Constructions Overview

Detailed Narrative Description of Project:

BHIP-2 consists of the existing Capayas Dam and the proposed Bayongan Irrigation System. The latter involves the construction of impounding dam with active combined capacity of 25.1 MCM and dam height of 35.5m, with total service area of 4,140 ha. When combined with Capayas Dam, the two systems will supply irrigation water to a total of 5,300 ha covering 24 barangays in the municipalities of San Miguel, Trinidad and Ubay. In addition, the Project includes support infrastructure facilities and institutional development components. Detailed engineering design was undertaken under BHIP-I.
The Project components are the following:
1. Civil Works
a. Construction of Bayongan main canal linking Capayas reservoir;
b. Construction of canal distribution network to 4,550 ha of new area;
c. Construction of drainage facilities;
d. Rehabilitation of the existing irrigation canal and construction of new extension canals for Capayas Irrigation System (CIS);
e. Construction of on-farm level facilities;
f. Land leveling;
g. Construction of 35.5m high zoned earthfill reservoir dam; and
h. Construction of diversion chute to convey water from BHIP-1 main canal to Bayongan reservoir, BHIP-2.
2. Support Infrastructures
a. Construction of farm-to-market roads;
b. Implementation of Integrated Water Management System (IWMS); and
c. Procurement of construction and O&M equipment.
3. Institutional Development
a. Organization of 12 Irrigators Associations (IAs); and
b.Strengthening of the existing 4 IAs in CIS.

Detailed Description of Actual Services Provided:

The Consultant’s scope of work involved the following:

  1. Task Concept
  2. Review of detailed design and tender documents for the Bayongan Dam, the main and lateral canal system, water management facilities, and on-farm development;
  3. Review of the O&M system of the Project;
  4. Study on the environmental monitoring plan; and
  5. Guidance and training.
  6. Assistance Concept involving assistance/advise to NIA in the following areas:
  7. Pre-construction, construction supervision and procurement of O&M equipment for the force account works (construction of main farm ditches);
  8. Establishing the Integrated Water Management System including water operation in BHIP-1;
  9. Institutional Development of Irrigators Association including the Water Users Group;
  10. Land acquisition and resettlement and monitoring ECC requirements; and
  11. Monitoring and evaluation of the project activities.


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