Constructions Overview

Narrative Description of Project:

The project aims to provide water supply facilities such as groundwater well, hand pumps, submersible pumps, windmill pumps, pump houses, transmission mains, distribution tanks, and public taps.  The scope of the design work for: (i) Construction of boreholes in 65 locations, (ii) hand pump installation in 22 locations, (iii) submersible pumps in 36 locations and (iv) windmill pumps in 7 locations. It also includes the design work of pipeline for submersible and windmill pump supply systems with a total length of around 31 km with a diameter 40 mm to 80 mm. The number of target communities is 58 and the population of the beneficiaries by this project is about 60,000.


Description of Actual Services Provided in the Assignment:

1. Civil design of rural water system;

2. Electro-mechanical design of the rural water system.

3.  Revision of the drawings for electrical and mechanical portions to meet the criteria and specifications for detailed design of Phase 2, in accordance with the survey results and data in coordination with the Water Supply Engineer; and

4.  Revision of the quantities and specifications for electrical and mechanical portions accordingly. 

Projects Details

Categories: Project Category Client: PKII was a sub-consultant of Nippon Koei for the Ministry of Water and Irrigation/ Republic of Kenya Date: AUGUST 2007 - NOVEMBER 2007 Country: Republic of Kenya Location: Southern Kenya Region: East Africa