Constructions Overview

Detailed Narrative Description of Project:

The Project involves the reclamation and development of about 2,700 hectares of the foreshore and submerged areas within the territorial jurisdiction of the municipality of Cordova, Province of Cebu into a mixed-use integrated real estate community. The project is originally part of the Metro Cebu Reclamation and Development Project, which was duly approved by the President of the Philippines. The Project is a joint undertaking of the Provincial Government of Cebu, the Public Estates Authority (PEA) and Malayan Integrated Industries Corporation, a private investor.

Detailed Description of Actual Services Provided:

The Consultant’s scope of work included the following:

1) Preparation of master plan & detailed feasibility study, which includes, among others, market and demand studies, reclamation planning and preliminary design, land use planning, preliminary design of infrastructure and utilities, financial and economic analysis, environmental studies, implementation planning and institutional studies;

2) Reclamation study includes:

- The evaluation of reclamation alternatives,

- Preliminary design of structures,

- Study of reclamation phasing, and

- Cost analysis;

3) Preliminary design of infrastructure/utilities includes:

- Site grading and lay-out,

- internal road network design,

- Drainage and sewerage system design,

- Water supply distribution and fire protection system design,

- Power supply and distribution system design,

- Design of telecommunication facilities, and

- Waste management system design; and

4) Generation of indicative cost estimates, determination of financial and economic viability of the project, environmental evaluation, and formulation of implementation plan and schedule.  

Projects Details

Categories: Ports & Marine Structures Client: Public Estates Authority (PES) / Malayan Integrated Industries Corporation (MIIC) Date: AUGUST 1996 - AUGUST 1997 Country: Philippines Location: Cordova, Mactan, Cebu Region: Southeast Asia