Constructions Overview

Detailed Narrative Description of Project:

The architectural and engineering design works, and construction supervision of the Agro-forestry Multi-purpose Nursery Project is located at the Government Site, Maimpis, City of San Fernando, Pampanga.

The project comprised the following:

1.) working shade (with working area, compost pits and storages);

2.) multi-purpose room for meetings and trainings for about 40 people which include entrance hall, office, dormitory, laboratory, storage, comfort room, and shower room.


Detailed Description of Actual Services Provided:

The following are the detailed scope of services provided by PKII:

Detailed Design:

a.) Site Visit

- ?Check the location of the proposed construction site; ?

- Confirm the ownership of land where the proposed structure will be constructed; ?

- Conduct relocation survey of the proposed construction site if not available;  

?- Check the existing utilities such as: electric power, water supply, drainage and sewer lines and telephone lines; ?

- Check the existing structure or adjacent structure; ?

- Check the facilities that might be affected; ?

- Research for structural data such as strength of soil foundation and available materials; ?

- Check the availability of materials that will be used for construction; ?

- Obtain the cost of materials in the area; ?

- Know the cost of manpower, skilled, semi-skilled, minimum wage, etc.; and ?

- Know the cost of rental of equipment that will be used for the project. 

b.) Preparation of the Preliminary design and budget for approval of JICA

c.) Preparation of the Detailed Design Report which consists of ?

- History or background of the project; ?

- Basis of design and design criteria; and ?

- Detailed design calculations.

d.) Preparation of cost of the project- prepare the bill of quantities and cost estimates; and

e.) Preparation of bid documents ?

- Complete set of plans by CADD operators; ?

- Draft criteria for contractors; and

- Draft contract/bid documents 

Construction Supervision:

a.) Construction Phase ?

- Supervise contractor in securing building permit; ?

- Construction supervision; ?

- Compilation of project records; and ?

- Preparation of monthly progress reports with photos.

b.) Post-Construction Phase ?

- Final inspection for completion of construction; ?

- Preparation of final construction report; ?

- Preparation of Quality Assurance Report; and ?

- Project completion. 

Projects Details

Categories: Buildings Client: Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) Date: DD: JANUARY 2006 - MARCH 2006; CS: AUGUST 2006 - MARCH 2007 Country: Philippines Location: San Fernando City, Pampanga Region: Southeast Asia