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In 2007, Maputo formulated the master plan [M/P] of solid waste management for the city with support from the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ). The problems as of 2007 were such as 1) coverage of waste collection service was not appropriate, 2) maintenance of waste vehicle were not carried out regularly, 3) many illegal dumping and littering in the city and 4) improper management of final disposal sites. It would be regarded that technical capacity of the Municipal Council of Maputo for solid waste management is still to be improved. Accordingly, the government of Mozambique has requested Japan technical cooperation including R [waste reduce, reuse and recycling]. In this survey, Japanese Team discussed with Mozambican officials on the design of the technical cooperation, and the expert surveyed the latest situation from the view point of technical, social and institutional aspects, and suggested key issues such as the reinforcement of material recovery, or the cooperation of private sectors and NGOs.

It has been difficult to manage solid waste properly due to rapid urban population growth, increasing of urban waste, the diversification of types of waste and participation of various actors into waste management. Furthermore, proper waste collection services have not existed in surrounding areas of Maputo City and it leads to rapid increase of illegal dumping site and negative impacts on environment and health of residents. As a result of these situations, introduction of 3R (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) has positioned in “Mater Plan for Solid Waste Management in Municipal Council of Maputo”, which was formulated in 2007. And the technical cooperation project, which aims at the improvement of solid waste management and development of sustainable 3R in CMM, was requested by the government of Mozambique.

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Categories: Solid Waste Management Client: Japan International Cooperation Agency Date: APRIL 2013 - FEBRUARY 2014 Country: Mozambique Location: Maputo Region: Southeast Africa