Constructions Overview

Narrative Description of Project:

The Project aims at the promotion of a high-tech park in Hanoi City as part of the Vietnamese government’s national policy to advance science and technology in order to transform Vietnam into an industrial nation by 2020. It involves the development of various technical infrastructures including road networks (for better accessibility); drainage system (for flood prevention in the park and its downstream area), stable electricity supply (to address frequent blackouts currently happening in the area); water supply (to secure stable and safe water supply in collaboration with the Da River Water Supply Project); and sewerage system (to further promote the area’s environmental consciousness).


Description of Actual Services Provided in the Assignment:

1. Conduct and supervision of field investigations including geo-technical investigation, water quality sampling surveys, hydrological analysis and topographic survey.

2. Preparation of detailed design including bill of quantities and material specifications for the following major infrastructures: drainage system, engineering tunnel and trench system, cables and pipes allocation including temporary works, and power substation.

3. Preparation of standard design criteria and contract specifications for major infrastructure facilities.

4. Preparation of pre-qualification and tender documents for the Project.

5. Preparation and finalization of Detailed Design Report and other technical reports.

Projects Details

Categories: Industrial Estate Client: Government of Vietnam - Hoa Lac Hi-Tech Park Project Management Unit (PMU) Date: June 2011 Country: Vietnam Location: Hoa Lac Region: Southeast Asia