Constructions Overview

Narrative Description of the Project:

As the southern areas of Greater Doha have expanded and developed rapidly in recent times, an increase of the capacity of the drainage system is required to accommodate additional surface runoff. The Drainage Affairs Department of the Public Works Authority have undertaken the several studies and implemented major schemes to develop an integrated system of surface water drainage throughout Doha. In these studies, Abu Hamour Southern Outfall Scheme is proposed to provide main trunk surface water drainage for the majority of the southern half of Doha covering an area of approximately 170 km2.

Main Project Features:
1. Main Outfall Tunnel
    - Length : 9.5 km
    - Inner diameter: 3.70 m
    - Type of TBM: slurry shield type machine
    - Lining: 250 mm thick concrete segment

2. Pumping Station
    - Pumping chamber (dry/wet wells) shaft : diameter 40.0 m, depth 28.0 m
    - Screen chamber shaft: width 13.5 m, length 15.0 m, depth 28.0 m
    - General service pump: 4 nos. of wet well mounted submersible type, 350 l/sec at 32 m head
    - Storm flow pump: 6 nos. of dry well mounted submersible type, 3000 l/sec at 22 m head
Description of Actual Services Provided by NK Staff:
The key objectives of the design services provided by the consultant include as follows:

- Study of all available supporting information (confirmation of surface water runoff from catchment and sub-catchment areas that drain to the project area for various storm conditions, estimation of the potential for attenuating runoff, etc.).
- Geo-technical and geophysical site investigation.
- Obtaining of the necessary environmental approvals from the Supreme Council for the Environment and Natural Reserves and Ras Abu Fontas Works and additional detailed Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) studies. 
- Detailed design for 1. the proposed outfall tunnel including connection with drainage systems and access shafts, coastal pump station, and outfall structure.
- Preparation of computerized hydraulic model of the drainage and outfall system.
- Assessment of the local coastal conditions and any offshore structure.
- Preparation of traffic management plan (TMP) to minimize disruption of traffic and control construction works. 
- Preparation of tender documents including drawings, bills of quantities, and specifications. 
- Pre-qualification of contractors, tender issue, tender queries, evaluation of tenders, and preparation of contract documents.


Projects Details

Categories: Flood Control & Drainage Client: PKII was a sub-consultant of Nippon Koei UK for the Public Works Authority, State of Qatar Date: FEBRUARY 2007 - AUGUST 2008 Country: Qatar Location: Doha Region: Middle East