Constructions Overview

Detailed Narrative Description of Project:

The Study Area includes portions of Fort Bonifacio and Villamor Air Base with approximate areas of about 618 ha and 135 ha respectively. The project lies on both sides of the Manila South Expressway (R-3) linking Metro Manila to the south. The proposed land use plan stresses the locational advantage of both camps which make them eminently suitable for high-value residential development as well as mixed commercial, industrial and sports/recreational centers. The Master Development Plan was used as the blueprint for all developments in the area and for its subsequent sale to private investors.


Detailed Description of Actual Services Provided:

PHASE 1: Master Development Planning

1. Review of Completed Plans

2. Analysis of Existing Conditions

    2.1 Study of Regional Development Framework

    2.2 Study of Existing Land Use

    2.3 Study of Existing Infrastructure Facilities

    2.4 Preliminary Traffic Study

3. Market Studies

    3.1 Review of Current Economic Development and Market Trends

    3.2 Establishment of Market Demand

4. Formulation of Land Use Development Plan PHASE 2: Implementation Planning

5. Preliminary Engineering Study/Design for Horizontal Development

    5.1 Traffic Study

    5.2 Development and Evaluation of Alternative Engineering Designs

    5.3 Generation of Quantity and Cost Estimates

    5.4 Formulation of Construction and Implementation Schedule

6. Social and Environmental Studies

    6.1 Study on Policy and Legislative Issues

    6.2 Social Impact Assessment

    6.3 Environmental Impact Assessment

7. Project Evaluation

    7.1 Financial and Economic Evaluation

    7.2 Financial Recovery Study

8. Implementation Strategies

    8.1 Development of Overall Business Plan

    8.2 Development of Studies, Leasing and Project Packaging

    8.3 Institutional Study

9. Preparation of Physical Models

Projects Details

Categories: Urban, Rural and Regional Development Client: Bases Conversion Development Authority (BCDA) Date: NOVEMBER 1993 - APRIL 1994 Country: Philippines Location: Makati City, Pasay City, Taguig City in Metro Manila Region: Southeast Asia