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PKII’s Design Center Successfully Accomplishes Four Projects

In the first quarter of 2010, Philkoei International, Inc. (PKII) established its so-called Design Center, which was tasked to outsource detailed engineering design projects from overseas, and then conduct/carry out the design and necessary work locally. Composed of highly qualified, experienced and technically trained engineers and professionals, the Design Center aims to provide quality and cost-efficient design according to the client’s specifications and requirements. Since its creation, PKII’s Design Center has successfully accomplished the following four projects:

Erbil International Airport Design

The project aims to produce technical drawings for operations, logistics, administrative, and maintenance installations at Erbil International Airport (EIAP), Iraq. It involves master plan design and preparation of technical drawings to accommodate future Embassy Air Iraq (EAI) requirements at the Erbil Airport to support up to 15 rotary wing aircraft and transient fixed wing operations. PKII’s scope of work includes the detailed architectural and MEP (utilities, i.e., mechanical, electrical and plumbing) design of the pre-engineered buildings, including preparation of bill of materials. Shown below are perspective views of the designed facilities.

Detailed Design/Redesign of Abu Hamour Southern Outfall

Funded by the Public Works Authority of Qatar, this project aims to produce technical drawings such as tunnel plans and profiles, structural drawings of access shafts, reinforcement drawings of pumping station substructure and architectural perspective of pumping station of the Abu Hamour Southern Outfall in Doha, Qatar. The project components consist of a 10 km long drainage tunnel of 3.7 m internal diameter, 23 access shafts, and one pumping station. PKII’s scope of works includes preparation of bar schedules and reinforcement drawings of several access shafts using software such as 3D Studio Max, AutoCAD, and AutoCAD Land Development Desktop.



Detailed Design of WPPS Task Order 15 Phase 4 Apron Construction at Baghdad International Airport

Funded by the United States Department of State (DoS), this project aims to establish a new facility at the Baghdad International Airport (BIAP) located on Sather Air Base in order to support aviation operations of the DoS Diplomatic Security Service (DSS) in Iraq. The design works involves the design of Class I apron/hangar pavement for rotary wing aircraft (UH 60 Blackhawk/UH-1 Huey helicopters) and a fixed wing aircraft hangar. PKII’s scope of works include the design of the concrete apron covered under phase 4, creation of associated drawings and preparation of corresponding bills of material. The drawings provided clear definition of the scope and scale of the project for the construction subcontractors to use in the bidding and proposal process.




Rehabilitation and Improvement of Maliana I Irrigation System

This project, which was funded by Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), aims to initiate rehabilitation and improvement of Maliana I Irrigation Facilities in the Democratic Republic of Timor-Leste. Consequently, the designated main builder, TOA Corporation, engaged the services of PKII to prepare shop drawings, which include reinforcement arrangement and bar bending schedules for various reinforced concrete turnouts and drop structures.